What is bookShow.me?

bookShow.me is a FREE service for authors. You enter your book's Amazon link on the homepage and it will generate a custom short URL for you to use. Use this link everywhere: on Twitter, on Facebook, on your website, in your newsletters!

You only need to use that one link. Then, whether your readers are from the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, France or wherever, they will be sent to your book's page on the proper Amazon locale based on where they live... cool, right?

Will you ever charge for this service?

Nope! It will always be free! We may offer various upgrades that will cost money, but the basic service will always be free! We want to help authors out!

We also plan to keep it online forever. Obviously, server upgrades, hosting issues or other problems may cause the service to not work at times, but these issues will be extremely minimal.

Can I give you a big hug to say "Thank you!"?

If you can find a way to give us a hug via the internet, then we would love to get a hug!

If you want to show your appreciation, then please tell other authors about bookShow.me! This will help us immensely! Tell other authors on forums, on your blog, on Twitter or Google+, or wherever you hang out with other authors! Telling others about our service is definitely the best way to say "Thank you!".